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Z109 Heavy duty door limiting stay

Z109 Heavy duty door stay

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Z109 Heavy duty door limiting stay

The Zero Seal Zeroplus 109 range of door limiting stays with internal spring for reduction of shock when the door opens to it's full cycle. This is a very durable product which is manufactured to withstand windforces placed upon the door, to preserve the condition of the door under excessive opening speeds and force. They are a sound investment to protect your door against irrepairable damage when either being pushed too hard by users or blown open by strong winds. Our spring tensioned door stays can be adjusted so that the tension can be increased or decreased to suit your needs. The recoil spring incorporated within the track absorbs the door mass force upon impact and protects the door, hinges and frame. This device incorporates an additional feature which holds the door open at the maximum degree set by incorporating a swinging pawl which drops into position when the door reaches the maximum opening cycle. Disengaging the door to then close it is easily done. Simply push the door open a degree further and the pawl will release.

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  • Galvanised finish for better corrosion resistance.
  • Surface mounted onto the door and frame.
  • For doors 600 - 800mm, non handed.
  • For doors 800 - 1100mm, non handed.
  • For doors 1100 - 1300mm, handed.
  • 1100-1300mm handing: Anti-clockwise OR clockwise movement.
  • For use on outward opening doors
  • Not certifire approved or CE marked.
  • Not for use on internal fire doors.
  • Suitable for timber, steel and aluminium doors.
  • Holds door open at 90 degrees.
  • Opening angle can be adjusted between 90 - 110 degrees.
  • Adjustable friction & spring shock absorbtion.
  • Face fixed application.
  • All fixings supplied.
  • Accessories kits are available upon request.
  • Special order item -  Non returnable
  • Please use the file link below to view for your use, if required.

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