Krowl Ai Ltd Services

Krowl AI Ltd Services
Timber Doors Repaired & Installed

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we repair timber doors and frames as well as install new doors. We employ a team of time served and qualified Carpenters & Joiners to install our doors.

We repair any type of door or frame, reinforce door sets, manufacture new door sets to order for supply only or supply & installation. We can install internal doors, fire doors, acoustic doors, flood defence doors, gates and hatches under our timber door installation umbrella.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Any type of wooden door.
  • Timber shopfronts to any design.
  • Internal doors.
  • Fire doors.
  • Acoustic doors.
  • Hatches & access panels.
  • Gates.
  • Manufacture bespoke doors to any description.
  • Upgrade door security.
  • Upgrade fire rating to doors.
  • Fit ironmongery to any door.
  • We sell off the shelf doors.
  • We sell quality door hardware.


Aluminium Doors & Shopfronts

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we repair aluminium door sets, install new aluminium door sets and shopfronts on a regular basis. We provide service and maintenance packages for retail groups and organisations with multiple doors where we can offer more competitive rates to reward business who award us contracts.

We commonly repair aluminium doors where the welds and bolts are failing and causing the door shape to distort as well as the common failure of transom closers, armsets and pivot kits.

We can supply aluminium door sets and shopfronts to any design and in any BS and RAL colour of your choosing.

We also fabricate on site and are able to install new locking devices on doors, whether they are standard mechanical devices or electronic access controlled locks. It's no problem to us!

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Aluminium doors and frames.
  • Shopfronts.
  • Aluminium door locks.
  • Transom closers and it's associated accessories.
  • Fabricate on site to install new locks to the door.
  • Supply aluminium doors & shopfronts in any powdercoated finish.

Steel Doors & Fabrication.

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we repair and install steel doors and frames. We employ a nominated steel door manufacturer to manufacture all of our steel structures. We supply steel doors, gate and other steel structures in any BS or RAL colour, powdercoated in a flawless finish.

We repair steel doors, the ironmongery upon it and increase the security where requested. We also fabricate on site to install new locking systems, whether they are mechanical or electronically controlled by access control.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Steel security doors and frames of any size and design.
  • Upgrade door hardware to steel doors.
  • Repair door hardware to steel doors.
  • Repair & install steel gates of any size and design.
  • Install new locking systems to steel doors.
  • Upgrade security to steel doors & gates.
  • Supply steel doors & gates in any powdercoated finish.
  • We manufacture steel structures to any design.

Door Ironmongery & Operators

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we repair and install door ironmongery of any description by any manufacturer. We can repair and install from new. We supply high quality door hardware to the general public, government organisations, trade and construction sectors. We also use these high quality products when installing to doors (of any description). You can buy the door hardware and we will provide a labour only service if you so wish.

We repair locking systems whether they are standard mechanical devices or electronically operated devices, to any type of door.

We are also accredited and experienced sliding door and swing door operator installers.

All of our work is backed up with our company installation guarantee for peace of mind.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Door hardware to any door.
  • Sliding door & swing door operators.

UPVC & Composite Doors

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we repair and install UPVC, composite and GRP doors. We can repair the locking system fitted to an existing door set, upgrade the locking system, supply and install new door sets in any BS and RAL colour and integrate intercoms and access control systems with the doors too.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • UPVC doors.
  • Composite doors.
  • GRP doors.
  • Locks to the above doors.
  • Integrate intercoms & access control with the above.
  • Upgrade security to the above.


Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we install glazing to any specification. We repair glazed doors and windows, upgrade the glazing and install fire rated glass. We also offer an emergency board-up service in the event of a glazed door, frame or casement being compromised.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Glass of all types.
  • Upgrade glazing.
  • Offer a board-up service.

Intercoms & Access Control

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we repair intercoms and access control systems by any manufacturer. We undertake wiring upgrades where the system is serviceable but the existing wiring may be degrading or unsuitable so is causing the system to operate intermittantly. We install audio only intercom systems, video intercoms, integrate intercom systems with access control and install access control systems that are tailored to suit your needs, from a basic kit to network enabled software based kits with full user interface facilites so messages can be left by visitors etc.

We also integrate locking devices and upgrade security to existing intercom and access control systems with a whole range of mechanical, electronic and magnetic locking devices as well as integrate keypads and proximity readers.

We can also relocate handsets and install new handsets to an existing system.

We offer service and maintenance packages for residential sites, public buildings and businesses.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Intercoms by all manufacturers
  • Access control kits of all specifications.
  • Integrate and upgrade locks to the systems.
  • Maintenance packages available.

Flood Defence Doors & Gates

Here at Krowl Ai Ltd, we manufacture flood defence doors and gates to suit your requirements. This is a new area of innovative products that we ventured into several years ago which has been very successful for us. We also supply and install UPVC flood defence doors sets and are available in a wide range of colours.

We have successfully installed flood defence doors and gates to many properties and buildings that had a history of frequently suffering flood damage. The flood water was either greatly minimised or reduced to zero. This saves the building owner the inconvenience of insurance claims, loss of production(business) and damage to fixtures and fittings as a result of flooding.

Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade an existing door set to achieving a flood defence specification.

To re-cap, we install:

  • Flood defence timber door sets.
  • Flood defence gates.
  • Flood defence UPVC door sets.

Lock Repairs & Installation

Here at krowl Ai Ltd, we repair locks and associated products to all doors, windows and lockable panels. We have a long history in lock repairs and new installations which has long been a popular area of our business since the day we started trading.

We have diversified over the years to become innovators in the field, repairing and installing mechanical locks, electronic locks & bolts and access control magnets to timber, steel, aluminium, UPVC, composite and GRP doors & windows.

We also repair and install locking devices to timber and steel gates.

To re-cap, we repair and install:

  • Mechanical locks.
  • Electronic locks.
  • Magnetic locks and holders.
  • Coded locks of all descriptions.
  • To any type of door, window, panel & gate.

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