How our discounts work: If 10 of the same item are purchased then we will refund your paying card 5% of the overall cost *Where stated on our website. Any further discounts have to be agreed in writing to be effective. Some items are available for discounts should fewer than 10 be purchased. Please feel free to enquire! If we have already discounted an item you have bought or have an agreement with you for a special rate of a specific item then this will no longer qualify for a 5% cashback discount should 10 or more be purchased. You can buy several sizes and finishes of the same item in order to make up your order quantity of 10 or more, so as long as the product code is the same, you will be eligible. If in doubt, please ask!

What is classed as a purchase of 10: If finger or kick plates, then 10 satin brass plates, or 10 grade 316 plates, the 10 can be made up of several sizes to quality too. If lock cases, the same lock description but several sizes and finishes is acceptable, if handles, 10 of the same handle description, but several finishes and sizes of that handle is acceptable etc. If you're unsure, ask away!

When will my order be delivered?  If you can order with us by 2pm your order will be dispatched with our couriers for next day delivery. The order will be delivered to the address that you provide us with when completing your checkout. Although we state next day delivery, on rare occasions our courier may be delayed by road blockages, excessive traffic or breakdown enroute. In the unlikely event of this happening, your delivery will take place the morning after your expected delivery date.

If you are not present when our courier arrives, the items will be re-delivered the next working day. However, if you are not present for a second time, you will be asked to call us via a card posted through your mailbox so that delivery can be arranged for a third time. If you are not present for the third time your order will be returned to us for a re-scheduled delivery date. Krowl Architectural Ironmongery Ltd's consignments are delivered by APC Couriers and tracked too.

Returning an item: Please look under the "More Info" button or click here to view the page information.

Are the products new? Yes, the products are brand new and in their original packaging (where applicable).

What guarantee do I get with my items? Unless it is stated that the guarantee is for a period of time, the guarantee is always for 12 months from date of purchase and is warranted by the manufacturer and not Krowl Architectural Ironmongery Ltd. But, rest assured, if an item is defective we will sort it out for you and speedily.

What happens to my card information after paying? Your card information is always kept secure by the secure pre-pay bank. We do not have the card details on our screen to take any further payments, so your card identity is always protected.

There is a problem with my order, what happens now? As customer satisfaction is a top priority, we act swiftly with any problems that arise, so if you find a reason to contact us, then email us or call us and we will rectify your problem immediately and without delay.

Want to apply for an account? We can usually open an account the same day if you're a government run organisation. Send us your interest via email and we'll return an account application form to you. Our trading terms are payment to reach us by the 30th day of the following month from the invoice date.

We are undertaking a building project and have higher quantites than normal to purchase, do we get a discount? Of course, if this is the case, send us your bill of quantites and we will provide you with a package that is very competitive and tailored to suit your project. We will code reference all ironmongery sets for each door, free of charge too!

I need some advice, are you able to help me? Yes, call us or email us, we're on hand to answer any queries that you may have, product type, legal obligations? Availability? Fitment procedures? We can assist you with all enquiries!

Are your team knowledgable? More like adept! It's our forte, unlike most ironmongers who sell stuff but haven't the foggiest as to how it is fitted or how it works, our team are ironmongery trained and skilled installers too. We're as experienced as it gets. We've sold it & fitted it for 20 years so we've done it all and are most happy to lend you our expert advice.

If in doubt, just ask!



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